Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Feather of Encouragement

Never live in a moment’s despair.
But rather breathe.
Be soaked in a sun-drenched glow.

Do not be fearful,
For no one is too old to grin.
Not even the primeval sycamore tree,
With its constant bend towards my window
Smiles with unrelenting freshness.

Be buoyant.
Keep still and be floating.
Discard the weights that drop you.

Never trust the bubbles of plummeting.
All it offers is loss and vacuum.
Desire and be perpetually hopeful,
Like the wave wishing to touch the shore.
Or the breeze wanting to kiss the coconuts.
Cast down your load to the ground.

Stop feeding your pains.
Soar without holding on to something.
Liberate yourself,
Devoid of cause and devoid of reason.

Constantly live in the autumn grounds
Or conjure the vitality of spring.
Lest it be sprinkled with the flowing waters of time.

Untie your roots, my love.
Live, love , and be loved
As if tomorrow would sojourn
On a one-way trip towards bliss.1

420 2004/13/04

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Angel's Sin

this is one of Di's masterpieces. One of the nicest poems i've read. Di's truly a poetic prodigy, to say the least!okay if you're interested about her... just visit her spot : and you'll see what i mean.

how come angels cry
and hide behind their solid wings
when heaven is within their grasp
their reality, a whisper
closer to our dreams

how come angels fall
like torn leaf when season's change
a sacrifice they blindly choose
mortality, divinity, exchanged

how come angels sin
and create a black hole
in their heartsthey fall from grace
and swayed the path
paradise old, to paradise new
a million miles apart

how come angels do
what they do when they cry and fall and sin
they go down on their scraped, wounded knees
and are brought home again