Saturday, March 10, 2007

1st Singaporean Post Lah!

After 5 weeks of adjusting and getting used to life in Singapore, I decided to start blogging again!(Whatever!) --- this can even serve as sort of an overview of you guys who want come here to settle down or start fresh!

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Coming here to Singapore was the biggest decision that I had ever made to date... As Heroes is the most exciting series by far!(Off-tangent lah!). Some friends that I've known for years, a year, or even a few months, had made leaving Cebu not as easy and smooth as I hoped it would be. Separation from my family and closed friends have put me to tears for days even during my flight.

I had been in Cebu most days of my waking life. Though I was not originally from Cebu, but most of my education and my 1st experience in the work-driven world had been spent there. With memories ranging from the best to worst, Cebu had been part of it all. It was hard but I know its for the best. There are somethings in life that we need to let go to achieve the things that we want to achieve, and continue to the path that we need to thread in. There will be people missed and left behind but as one of the most famous quotes tell us --- "Change is the only permanent thing in this world".

Now I am Singaporean Lah! I am in Singapore and who knows how long.... but being here for a month and so, gave me a fresh start and a good view on how I would start living a new adventurous life ahead! I love it here! Inspite of minor setbacks like occasional disorientation in train olfactory chuvas, most things in Singapore are things to be thankful of! This has been the cleanest country I've been so far ( compared with Taiwan, Japan, and our beloved country, RP).
About the people, hmmmm.... there are a lot of Chinese descents( 75%) and the rest are Malaysians, Indonesians, Indians--we call them "anaps"-- slang term for "indian pana"(one of the more dominant races here), Bangladeshis,Filipinos(most of them seem to cluster in groups at Lucky Plaza), Caucasians, etc. In the personal note, I like the locals here than foreigners. I also met pinoys from different parts of the Philippines in various occasions.

About transportation... Singapore has one of the most convenient and systematic way compared again to other countries I've visited. Maybe more than 10x more convenient than getting to places in the Philippines. You can buy what you need in the nearest MRT station or mall which is quite abundant here knowing this country is one of the biggest shopping centers in the world.

For the food... I love it!(Though most of u know how i love food). Though not as salty or tasty as I was used to but there are a lot of wonderful foods to choose from. One of my favorites is the "laksa" a malay or thai specialty which is made of spicy coconut milk soup with chicken or seafoods in different noodle types that you could choose from. Another food I love is the roti prata -- unique indian bread similar to "pita" but thinner and better tasting. It comes with the traditional curry sauce that you can dip in or mix with. But of course, one who just come to Singapore to visit need to try chicken rice, chilli crabs, pepper crab, prawn mee soup, and an adorable hot/iced milk tea ( teh tarik in tamil).

I might continue posting things about me here in Singapore.... I kinda miss the people in Cebu and not Cebu itself so I hope I could see you guys soon! :)

Rock on and peace out! :)



dru said...

Lah lah! :P Liao :P

Gigutom ko da.. Pasuya jud ka! :P
Sige lang.. gabadminton bya gihapon mi diri. Usahay maka 3 courts gud mi! nyahahha! joke joke

I'm glad you're doing fine. Keep it up! We might just catch up on you. :D

dYsleXia said...

haha! sorry ayo dru... yeah apas mo... i've read from your blog... dont worry f its meant to be... it will be! :)

oist, gabadminton pd ko diri... naa ko 2 grps... singaporeans(mga class C to A tingali), den filipinos( beginners to intermediate levels)...

Singapore Open karon May.... anhi namo! kita najd ko nila peter gade, lin dan, taufik, susilo, etc...

Aldion said...

wla nay lain na SG post? :)

heheh :)


Anonymous said...

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doyzkie said...

waddup lah? nyahahaha