Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Has the wine run dry so soon?

Has the wine run dry so soon?
I have barely tasted it;
Long before my tongue has quenched its thirst,
Has the wine run dry?
I have spent my final dime
On the thing I thought would last,
But as soon as I held it, it slipped away,
Now I’m still so dry.
I have climbed the highest peak;
Took me twenty years to train;
As I reach the top, I looked around and all I saw:
Vanity that’s all.
I have probed the greatest minds,
I’ve believed in every cause,
But my heart won’t hear philosophy or reasonings,
Left again dissatisfied.
Took me too, too long to see
That this world’s all vanity;
I’ve been through too much to just pretend it’s all okay;
Give me reality.
On my deepest, darkest night,
On my knees I cried aloud,
Someone came to me, he changed my
death to eternal life,
Gave me meaning, reason to live.
I will call upon His name,
I will draw this well and drink;
When I call His name, Jesus Lord, the waters flow;
That’s the name I love.
All this time it was just Him,
He has saved the best for last;
Now I’ve finally found the wine that won’t run dry.
And He’s the sweetest wine of all.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know who wrote this song?

neiloytz said...

i actually don't know who wrote this. but this is one of the contemporary hymns. click the title if you want to listen to the song :)

Anonymous said...

Are you from the local church?

neiloytz said...

Amen. I'm now in the local church in Singapore.

melany said...

praise the Lord, bro.! let us all keep drinking of the wine that never runs dry.